The sailing competitions

For a week we will show the world how it should be done.
In the presence of prominent representatives from sport politics and media we carry out the following competitions among  participants from all over Europe.

  • Norlin 2.4mR Inclusion: Disabled & Non Disabled male & female
  • Hansa 303 Inclusion: Disabled & Non Disabled male
  • Hansa 303 Inclusion: Disabled & Non Disabled female
  • Hansa 303 Double Inclusion: Disabled & Non Disabled male & female

It goes without saying that the conditions are barrier-free and that the jury is an international one.

On water, on land, at the party and in the hotel: this week is a week where de facto inclusion is lived and experienced by everybody

"Sailing is the movement of a sailing ship or a sailing boat using wind energy"

(Source: Wikipedia)

… but sailing is so much more. For each and everybody of us. To be able to sail together with mindfulness, we need information and rules.

These rules can be found here. As well as the  Live Tracking, the result lists and  everything else one could need.

Race Committee

Anastasia Weinberger, AUT (NRO/IJ)
Astrid Seyringer, AUT
Barbara Promegger, AUT
Roswitha Beranek, AUT
Julian Jöbstl, AUT
Paul Laherstorfer, AUT
Aglaia d´Aligny, AUT
Benjamin Köck, AUT
Stephan Puxkandl, AUT (NRO)
Josef Matrai, AUT
Otto Juschitz, AUT
Bibi Marchello, ITA

International Jury

Nino Shmueli, ISR (IJ/IRO) – Chairman
Mufti Kling, GER (IJ)
Rainer Kornfeld, AUT (IJ)
Chris Theodosis, GRE (NJ/NRO)
Günter Fossler, AUT (NJ/NRO)
Pilar Sanchez del Campo, ESP (NJ)
Ute Reisinger, AUT (NJ)

Segeln 001
Segeln 002
Segeln 003
Segeln 004
Segeln 005
Segeln 006
Segeln 007
Segeln 008
Segeln 009
Segeln 010
Segeln 011
Segeln 012


UYCT founded  1888 in Gmunden is a Yachtclub with a very long tradition which already long time ago started supporting sports events with disabled persons ...

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